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Our goal at Bay Bliss is to nurture and encourage wellness through the use of natural, result driven, certified vegan organic skin care. We strive to provide you with unique experience by meeting and targeting your individual skin and body concerns. We will approach your consultation with great experience and an in depth knowledge of skin wellness. We aim to teach you how to love the skin your in through guidance and education.



Bay Bliss encourages the use of living ingredients through organic, vegan and cruelty free products; Organic Spa provides us with such. However we understand that cosmetic science and chemistry is an integral part of skincare, which is why we have chosen Ocosmedics; who have the purest medical grade ingredients – preservative free, void of parabens, toxins and NEVER tested on animals. We also support local Australian products where we can.



Bay Bliss Signature Facial

Ocosmedics & Organic Spa

A blend of Ocosmedics and Organic Spa allow us to create facial tailored to your skin needs. Treating a wide range of concerns and educating you to maintain healthier skin.

*Suitable for all skin types. Great as a gift or voucher.

60mins           $89

Age Vita-Renew Treatment

Organic Spa

Vitamin C infused, intense anti-aging treatment. Brightening, hydrating and strengthening. Helps restore youthful radiance. Also promotes an even skin tone.

*Suitable for mature skin.

60mins           $99

Microdermabrasion Facial

Ocosmedics & Organic Spa

Full facial exfoliation treatment, making way for smooth refined skin. Using a diamond microdermabrasion tip and gentle suction to remove dead skin from outer layers. Refining pores and improving over all complexion. Followed a Bay Bliss signature facial.

*Suitable for most skin types.

75mins           $99

Organic Clay Detox Treatment

Organic Spa

Designed to purify and detox dull and congested skin. Renews balance and overall complexion of skin. Extractions included if need be.

*Suitable for most skin types.

75mins           $99

Organic Hyaluronic Facial

Organic Spa

An organic fibre hyaluronic soaked mask, will help to boost your skins hydration as well as strengthening the skins lipid barrier. It also provides antioxidant defence against free radical damage & reduces inflammation. Includes a unique connective tissue facial massage & hand treatment.

*Best for mature skin. Suitable for all skin types

60mins           $99




Bay Bliss offers a variety of cosmedical and corrective peels. The Ocosmedics Pro Dermal Series treatments offer skin solutions to repair, rejuvenate and stimulate cellular activity. These treatments are programmed to match your skin type and individual skin requirements. Your therapist will choose from the Pumpkin & Fruit Acid, Retinol, Oxygenating Enzyme, Bio-White or Alpha Beta Peels and personally prescribe the best programme for your skin. Serious skin treatments for serious skin conditions. Optimal results seen as a part of a treatment plan. Highly recommended when preparing for an occasion.

Pomegranate Enzyme Peel


Gentle exfoliating benefits. Jojoba extracts along with multi-fruit extracts offer a concentrated and multi-functional blend of alpha hydroxyl acids to hydrate, moisturise, repair and reduce inflammation.

*Not suitable for sensitive or reactive skin types.

60mins           $99

Pumpkin & Fruit Acid Peel


Perfect blend of blend of enzymes and fruit acids work to promote even skin tone, collagen production, elastin synthesis, skin health and cell optimisation.

*Not suitable for sensitive or reactive skin types.

60mins           $99

Retinol Peel


A vitamin A anti-ageing peel, perfect for ageing skin. Improves and repairs UV damage and cell renewal process. Refines, resurfaces the skin, evens out skin tone and provides anti-inflammatory activity.

*Not suitable for sensitive or reactive skin types.

60mins           $99

Oxygenating Enzyme Peel


A papaya, pumpkin and pomegranate enzyme mix increase skin renewal process and hydrates cells to promote plump, hydrated and rejuvenated skin.

*Not suitable for sensitive or reactive skin types.

60mins           $99

Bio-White Peptide Peel


Optimal whitening and lightening effects on the skin. Stimulates cellular turnover whilst protecting collagen and elastin. Anti-ageing, hydrating and brightening.

*Not suitable for sensitive or reactive skin types.

60mins           $99

Alpha-Beta Peel


Intense resurfacing peel. Lactic acid, AHA and Salic acid penetrate the skin deeply to improve skin smoothness, clarity, radiance and active cellular rejuvenation.

*Not suitable for sensitive or reactive skin types. Best for problematic, acne prone skin types.

60mins           $99



Skin DNA Testing


This is the future and the key to targeting and combating the signs of ageing well before the signs even appear. DNA skin testing provides you with an exact outline of what makes up your skin, the areas needing attention to combat age, and how to take care of it. It’s about helping you to spend your skin care dollars in a more purposeful way. Your DNA results are used to scientifically create a personalised guide providing you with a unique regime tailored specifically to you.


  • Skin DNA Test
  • Full test results and recommendations
  • Ocosmedics Pro Dermal Facial (valued@$99)  




Swedish Relaxation Massage

Organic Spa

Designed to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension leaving you in a state of pure relaxation

60mins           $80

Bliss Stress Relief

Organic Spa

Shoulders and back massage designed to relieve mild muscle tension.

*Pressure adjusted to suit your needs

30min                         $50

Bliss Hot Stone Massage (Heated Stones)

Organic Spa

Designed to effectively loosen and relax muscles. Can also assist in reducing muscle spasm and give comfort to painful muscles

75mins           $99

Transdermal Magnesium Oil Massage

Like Zen & Organic Spa

Designed to help mitigate stress and better your mood, this wonderful mineral has the ability to loosen knots and ease spasms and relieve migraines, insomnia overall rejuvenates the mind and body.

75mins           $99

Full Body Bliss Renewal Treatment

Organic Spa & Eco by Sonya Driver

Designed to remove dry, dull, flaky skin. Your skin will be indulged with a full body brushing, exfoliation with pink Himalayan salt, lemon grass and coconut oil scrub followed by hot towel wash. Finishing with a back mask and a gentle nourishing moisturiser to instantly revive dehydrated skin.

75mins          $99

*10% off any body products when booking any Body Treatment. For first time Body Treatment customers.


Spray Tanning

Miss Minx Spray Tan

Miss Minx is one of the newest and most innovative tanning brands to come out of Australia, offering natural-looking and affordable tans at salons across Australia. Better still, their original solution has several developing times; whether you want to be supremely bronzed or naturally sun-kissed. The scrumptious caramelised sugar and walnut shell extract quick dry formula, is also mixed with organic oils, meaning no ‘fake tan smell’ is left lingering on your skin

Develop and rinse in 2, 4 or 6 hours


Eco Tan

Eco Tan tanning solutions are made with 100% organic and natural ingredients Certified by the Organic Food Chain Australia. Eco Tan is accredited toxic free, also, 100% vegan. The range covers dry, sensitive skin types to normal and oily skin.

Develop and rinse in 2 + hours



Hands & Feet

Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio sculpture gel is the original soak-off colour gel nail system that focuses on providing the healthiest manicure and pedicure products of the highest quality in the nail care industry. All bio sculpture gel products are 100% vegan, animal cruelty free.

Manicure Treatments

Express Manicure

Includes cut, nail shape and colour polish.

30 mins          $25 

Bay Bliss Manicure

Includes nourishing soak, cuticle care, cut, shape, exfoliation and hand massage finished with colour polish.

60mins           $40

Pedicure Treatments

Express Pedicure

Includes, soak, cuticle care, cut and file, colour polish.

30mins           $30

Bay Bliss Pedicure

Includes nourishing foot soak with coconut and mint, cuticle care, sole treatment, exfoliation with pink Himalayan salt scrub, foot massage finished with colour polish.

60mins           $58

Bio Sculpture Gel Application

Clear Gel Overlay on Hands


Coloured Gel Overlay on hands


*Application includes cuticle care.


Bio Sculpture Gel

Overlay on hands and feet after manicure or pedicure.


Cracked Soles Treatment

Natural fruit acids designed to remove dead, dry skin.


Paraffin treatment

Nourishing for hands and feet.





All Mancine products are salon tested to be perfectly safe and effective. Mancine believe in organics, natural products and environmentally friendly practices. No Manicine product is tested on animals.

Eyebrow                                 $16

Lip                                           $13

Chin                                        $13

Nose                                        $13

Cheek                                      $10

Eyebrow, Lip & Chin           $38

Full Face                                $40

Underarms                            $13


½ Arm                                   $25

Full Arm                                $31

Stomach (snail trail)           $13

Bikini                                      $23

G-String Bikini                     $31

Brazilian                                $50

½ Leg                                     $28

Full Leg                                  $46

Mens Waxing

Back & Shoulders                  $39

Chest & Stomach                   $39

Back, Shoulders, Chest        $50

Monobrow                               $6

Teens Waxing

Full Leg & Underarm                        $40




With a wide assortment of colours and gentle on the skin; Refectocil product range the perfect system for Professional eyelash and eyebrow tinting. 100% Vegan and not tested on animals.

Eyebrow Tint             $11

Eyelash Tint               $16



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